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Flight Games

Flying games that we all love. This category of games is always requested. Who does not love flying from the heights, the clouds in the blue sky. We believe that at all. That is why we have prepared exclusively for this category that you are sure that more than one will please you. Select the plane, ship, helicopter of your choice. You can fly in teams or alone. Flying is just so relaxing, so we recommend doing so.
If you want to fly in a team you have to train to fly before the machine you want. Usually, if you come and aircraft category, and you’ve flown before, you can fly without training. It’s simple. It does not take too long to learn to pilot a ship. Flying is an activity that we are sure will please and you will relax a lot. A lot of us entertains us. If that makes us us, your insurance will do the same. Fly in the company of your friends, you can play online and fly around the world, this spherical globe. There are no limits to fly, fly and escape reality.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 at 18.16.50 Flight Games

Flight Simulator

Click on Play. And acceleration moves the bar right butt for takeoff. More instructions on the bottom of the game.